Raising Creativity and is creativity dropping - I don't think so!

One of the bigger stats to come out in the past few weeks is from a Forrester report detailing that the number of content creators, and not just consumers through social media is dropping even while the number of users of  social networking is increasing (rapidly).

It's an interesting one I'm thinking about especially as I'm hearing more and more pupils making the most of Facebook and others uses while at home or through their mobile phones (something which is becoming much more prevalent recently also). One of the interesting things here is how much of the information the pupils are taking on board nowadays is purely just consumed, and whether they're not gaining an insight or motivation to actually create, develop. Due to the constant bombardment of distractions from status updates, texts, etc. - are pupils getting less enthusiastic about creation?

Personally, I'm not so sure of this, I wonder whether the number of people signing on is primarily from older age groups so it's not a specific reference to children. But I do recognize that many pupils purely just want to spend their time playing games, or chatting on whatever-instant-messenger-their-friends-are-on, but not actually thinking or creating. I'm sure that this hasn't changed much over the years - pupils were always various stages of motivation and laziness - but is there more distractions potentially now?

And if so, what do we go about to override all these distractions? but then again, I think this post about "Our students want better work, not less work" is probably a great answer to that!

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