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I'm lucky enough to have traveled quite a bit (~41 countries). But they say you make your own luck so let's just say that I have an avid interest in seeing new places, learning Where We Are Going - and sharing that with the wider world. Hence, this website. (Also, I'm working on keeping the number of country visited above one country for every year alive. As of 2017, it's 1.09 countries per year - I'll need to sort that out soon.)

This 'website' started out as a blog in 2006 over on blogspot, before I took the plunge and moved to my own little space on the Internet in 2003. The time felt right with modern website/blogging platforms consolidated and stable.

This site expresses my various interests:

- on the one hand, I was blessed to have amazing parents who bought the first family computer in mid-1995, with a modem to connect to the nascent Internet - and just as Netscape Navigator had been released. My naive eyes were opened to what was happening (in many ways, I still think 5-10 years ahead!) and the rest is history. A fascination with technology (Networking/Internet/mobile, human interaction, social, trends). I've worked in the IT/telecoms industry for several years with a range of roles from Network Management to Research and Development. The key piece? We're in an era of unbelievably exciting change and I'm intuitively part of it. Want to know she info on current trends and tech? Let me know.


  • Degree in Telecommunications Engineering. May as well study how infrastructure works that binds out Internet together.
  • Fully qualified secondary school teacher (PGCE, ICT) - when you know technology, but want to understand how people learn, what impacts adoption curves, a teaching degree helps a lot.


In sport, team sports through to my late teens migrated to an avid love of the mountains. Climbing gives me an excuse to travel, while also keeping the physical body healthy. If you haven't tried climbing, and are based in Ireland - I highly recommend checking out Awesome Walls Climbing Centre in Dublin....

  • Climbing (20+ countries) - experience in trad (E5/6), sport (8a+ redpoint, 7c+ onsight), bouldering (7c), ice, mountains.



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You'll find a load of photos as you go explore this site, taken from travels across the world. I'll do my best to keep filling it up with more. Enjoy.


A fun video . Some perspectives(!) on motivations to travel and explore.

Another unique opportunity, again perspectives from travel


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