Mobile subscriber numbers

Something that has stayed close to my interests over the years is the use of mobile technology, stemming from my background with a big mobile telco many years ago.

While reading through some technology news a few days ago I came across this article discussing the number of mobile subscribers worldwide and the fact that the world really is starting to trend towards full mobile connectivity. Of course, the numbers are slightly skewed, it's not actually the fact that 80% of the population has a mobile phone, but the fact that in regions like Europe, there are 160% more mobile phones than people - from users having multiple handsets due to work, personal use, or for different countries as they roam (such as myself carrying two mobiles from different countries).

And now, this number is starting to explode as many new devices start to appear with a mobile internet connection; notable examples are the iPad. Other newer, more extreme examples are connection options are starting to appear in cars: the Paris Motor Show had a BMW with mobile connectivity, car mounts, etc. for devices.

I come from the borderline Gen X/Gen Y group so have grown up my my late teens with a mobile phone, it's something that is part of me - to be honest, I can't remember the last time I used a landline! So I straddle the divide between some the era of no-mobile-phones, and their by-now widespread adoption.

Many pupils are starting to get used to the idea of doing searches, communicating fully through mobile phones. And yet, most schools don't allow any use of them in schools, and give no guidance on how they could be used for their benefit other than just texting each other. do you think the level of discussion of mobile usage should be increased in schools? All ideas welcome!

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