Learning from what I learnt!

I may be an 'adult' now, not a pupil anymore, but I still remember without too much detachment my school experiences. Homework, lectures, discipline, fun, boredom, interactivity, socializing, frustrations, enthusiasm.

And I'm trying to learn from these memories - what was it that gave me the real positive experiences from the above list? What made me make me want to learn, be enthusiastic, create without even realizing?

Some of it was definitely teachers, or the ones at least that showed that enthusiasm themselves, made me just want to explore whatever we were learning. Some of it was purely just a topic I was interested in. Some of it was being given the freedom to interact and improve off the ideas of group-work.

Of course, not all school-work will be perfectly amazing, interesting, or about a topic I really enjoy. But it's not to say that many of the topics can't be made more fascinating to make the pupils actually want to research, learn, and create their own experiences and learning.

what do you remember from school? What was it that got you interested in your classroom the content you were learning? And what was it that put you off?

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