Google's lack of control over Android

Google still has very little control over software updates, and Android users are basically at the mercy of their carriers and phone manufacturers when it comes to getting updates or new operating system versions. For example, it took Sony more than six months to push Android 5.0 Lollipop to its new line of Xperia Z phones, despite the fact that it had promised for a much shorter turnaround after Lollipop was released by Google. Just for comparison’s sake, when Apple released iOS 8 in September of last year, it immediately became available for all iPhone users, even those with an 2013 iPhone 4S.

Hard-hitting article from 's security journalist after the recent revelations about the latest security issue to hit Android.


I may be a completely Apple user at present, but I've nothing against Android in principle. However, I thought we were long past the era where we were stuck being dependent on external sources to veto our software updates. One of the greatest things Apple has ever pulled off was getting full control over its update process.

Long may it last.

Neal McQuaid