Disruption theory

The curious thing about disruption is that predictability does not result in immunity. If the new trajectory threatens the current profit formula, the trajectory is not joined with enthusiasm. There is an uncanny unwillingness to self-disrupt.

From the always insightful words of Horace Deidu at Asymco on "iOS vs Windows".

With the speed of disruption and adoption timeframes decreasing (see below), it makes for an interesting challenge for businesses to stay ahead of trends.

Credit:  asymco.com

Credit: asymco.com

I was reminded of this after seeing Seth Godin's daily email on "The Technology Ratchet":

In a corollary to this, some technologies, once adopted, create their own demand cycles. A little electricity creates a demand for more electricity. A little bandwidth creates a demand for more bandwidth.

Just look at the data usage trends and this is only more and more evident (source, Comreg):

Neal McQuaid