Bad adverts and walking the walk

Jaw-droppingly bad advert trying to sell computers/pcs. Note this ad was developed by Intel, Dell, HP and Lenovo. Does any of this relate to the real world?


A sample of how to truly sell to people's feelings and emotion of using something:

As my experience and ideas evolve in time through my life/hobbies/career, I'm developing more and more of an understanding of the skills required to understand Customer Experience and User Emotion. One ad above shows an understanding of people, the other was written by corporate - with a complete detachment from the actual product. In the same way that the latest announcement by Twitter of a new board of director who has only every published 10-20 tweets in 3 years, I'm a firm believer that those at the top should walk the walk and talk the talk:

One example of this? Go and listen to the fantastic interview with Phil Schiller who made a surprise interview with John Gruber of DaringFireball (very pro-Apple but still a great website). Talk about someone who talks the talk.

Direct link to iTunes podcast recording here.

Neal McQuaid