Facebook quality

On thing we gradually noticed, however, was that maintaining a Facebook page was pretty much a waste of time by the end of 2014. While Facebook sends lots of traffic to us if one of our articles goes viral, posting said article to the Priceonomics Facebook Page does pretty much nothing any more. Posting on Twitter or emailing things to our readers is much more effective for us than posting on Facebook. We can only imagine how swindled companies that spent millions promoting their Facebook pages must feel. What a monumental waste of money.

From Priceonomics review of traffic in 2014. Credit to DaringFireball for the link


I have to wonder myself - I see significantly higher 'reads' from Facebook, but I'm not necessarily sure of the quality. I.e. many of the comments and feedback I get come from other sources, even if they bring much lower levels of traffic? I wonder if it's the case with large media brands on Facebook? My primary concern with Facebook is the lock-in, i.e. a lack of visibility of the comments from people as they are only inside the Facebook ecosystem. At least almost all my other links can be attached to a post via useful tools such as Disqus.....



Neal McQuaid