I got pointed to this from ChickenMan's blog (for school) - it's called a wikirace!

the idea is to make your way from one page on Wikipedia to another one on a completely different topic, but only using the links inside of wikipedia.

As an example, I started my pupils this morning on St. Mary's wikipedia page and told them to find their way to the page for Avatar (the movie).

I'll give the answer here to help you as an idea :)

  1. click on 'Chesterfield'
  2. on this, go to section on 'The Arts' and click on "Odeon Cinemas"
  3. Then click on the section for 'Controversy' and follow for "Alice in Wonderland"
  4. From here, go to the section on 'Reception' and under the section for North America, you'll see a link to Avatar!

Can you come up with any more good ideas?

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