Watch from minute 21:50 onwards. Look at the incredible power that a mobile phone can now have and realize that we're really only at the tip the iceberg of their potential.......

I wonder nowadays, as pupils are growing through all these technologies, does it matter that they don't really think about how these devices or tools work. I don't expect all of them, but is there many of the pupils who could potentially be technically minded and just don't appreciate what is going on here? Are we all going to the point where it's like cars now - we all just buy them but don't really think (other than knowing how to change a tire and bring it for a service) about how it works. Is this a good thing? or just basic evolution of tools and services?

And for more amusing ideas from Google, this was part of their promotional project where all staff were invited to play around with Google products and use them in weird and wonderful ways. Enjoy :)


Learning to Program