Changed mindsets

I am really psyched for climbing but I am going to try to move forward to new challenges with a more compassionate mind. I am also really excited to develop not only my personal yoga practice but also to begin teaching. The teaching element is two fold actually: firstly I love it and want to do it; secondly I want to have something else that is very solid outside my climbing. I want to not fully define myself (internally) by how far up a rock face I can get; I want to embrace my diversity and to do something outside of myself by sharing something meaningful with other people.
Over the last two or so years I have tried my best to make some kind of living out of climbing through sponsorship and it has been an interesting journey. I’ve played the social media game to a certain extent (very topical at the moment, I know) and have found it sometimes positive and useful and sometimes uncomfortable. I hope that moving forward with teaching will help me to find a good balance between my two passions and I hope to maintain the awareness to be true to myself in all my endeavours.

From Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

Insightful comments, especially following on from recent posts/articles across UKClimbing and Andy Kirkpatrick's post (of which led to a fascinating discussion on Twitter).

All well worth a read.

Neal McQuaid