Irish Climbing

Came across this link (click on image above to access the magazine) on Dave's blog about the new magazine showcasing Irish Climbing in 2014 - a beautiful follow-up* to last years 1st edition. It's hard to believe this is free - anyone else think it would make an amazing coffee table book (or should even be a small charge to read/view online)?

It's great to see so many people out and about showing their psyche, fab to see and I'm sure it'll only continue. An observation: with the proliferation of people at higher standards (who treat their sport very seriously), has the base widened of purely recreational climbers at the bottom? I suspect that while the indoor climbing population is increasing steadily (maybe 'exploded' is a better term), the number of outdoor climbers is increasing at a much slower rate. Our variable weather, the extra time commitment required for outdoor rock, extra equipment/costs for outdoor climbing, probably restricts the numbers. Indoor climbing works and appeals for many - varied movement, big friendly matting, bright lighting, easy to do after work, and very very very(!) social.


In relation to the new magazine, DeadPointMag's is a good compliment to the magazine giving stories from destinations further afield. I've personally at least two new venues on the radar for this year and always psyched to find out about more places to go, any excuse to experience a different culture/location :)

Neal McQuaid