Dr. Seuss

Anything that is inspired by Dr. Seuss is awesome.


IBL is on in Awesome this weekend, I most likely won't be taking part as I'm not overly happy with my climbing right now. Not in the sense of a result on the day (i.e. whether I would do well or not), but I noticed that after my lay-off before Christmas and my experiences in mid-2014 and the group I was climbing around, that my climbing 'flow' just wasn't there. With a lot of changes in life occurring in the past six months, the return to normality is progressing exactly as I'd hoped but I'm also aware that the 'flow' is fragile right now, there's certain days that I'm just not moving well and respecting that, I don't want to knock it back by climbing in a competitive atmosphere. It's the first year in at least 3 or 4 where I haven't wanted to climb in any of the Irish competitions but I'm glad that I'm willing to make the decision and not do them if not feeling right. Good times.

More importantly, the trip to Chuilla finally booked - only two years late (and I must admit that it bugs me a little to see so many people make it there before me this year - I've always liked being ahead of the curve and new destinations :). Roll on Easter!!!!! And just as importantly, and referenced by Mr. Ondra in his wide ranging interview, who's the awesome old and new friends I'm going to meet there?

Neal McQuaid