I've just been inspired.......by Ultimate Fighting?!?!?

One for the Irish viewers (and *cough*, those who know how to pretend to be in other countries when online): the excellent documentary series from RTE on Conor McGregor, who is making a big name for himself in UFC.

Episode 5 has so much great insight on coaching (in guiding someone to train hard at times, and mindfully at others), and preparing for a sport. The balance of Yin and Yang. Getting up and stretching instead of rushing off to work (I'm guilty as charged). So many great comments and ideas.

To top it off, he seems like a great character, very entertaining viewing. 


To balance it off, and linking in with my recent post on Balancing Career and Sport (which got a huge amount of reads so must have something of interest in it*), here's a great post friend Paul put up today on "The Cost of Getting Lean: Is it Worth It?" - I've had it sitting in my reading list since Christmas but for some reason had never got around to linking/writing about it:

From  The Cost of Getting Lean: is it really worth it?   on PrecisionNutrition.com

From The Cost of Getting Lean: is it really worth it?  on PrecisionNutrition.com

* I must acknowledge that getting comments/feedback from anyone is hugely challenging - through any means. My preference is for comments through something that is public and visible to all - either by using the commenting system at the bottom of each post, Twitter or even just an email - instead of Facebook (as depending on a person's profile, many not be able to read), but I'll take anything!

Stuck a nerve, made you think, I love comments (positive, negative, critical, challenging, etc.) as it helps me learn also!

Neal McQuaid