Today's Listening: Interview with Adam Ondra

The excellent TrainingBeta podcast continues to deliver - released in the past 24 hours, an interview with Adam Ondra. The direct link is here and  you can subscribe on iTunes here.


I'm only half way through (it's good enough that it deserves full attention and not to be listened to while doing other work!) but lots of great insights.

- Is, realistic/positive, mindset. Not optimistic but positive. Great to see him talk about 'failures' and that he always reflects to learn from any outcome - and thus turn it into something realistic and positive.

-Attitude to climbing and the love of 'sleeping in the dirt and traveling and meeting people'. I look forward to meeting him more and more now!

-Balancing life with work and his very rational attitude, something most climbers will struggle with....


I've been experimenting with TrainingBeta's programmes recently so will be putting up some notes around this soon....

Neal McQuaid