I know nothing about speed climbing.....

....but this nice little write-up on ClimbingNarc about the US National Record being set of 3.95 seconds on the 10 metre wall last weekend gives an interesting perspective.

"Is what happened this past weekend going to make me take up speed climbing?  No.  Is it going to make myself or others start speed climbing outdoors?  No.  Does it mean that difficulty comps don’t matter anymore?  No2.  Does it change anything for you if you don’t care?  No.  Does it mean that speed climbing competitions are actually pretty entertaining for athletes and spectators alike?  Yes.  Does competitive speed climbing have a real future?  I’d have to say yes."

Wait, what. 3.95 seconds?!?!?!? Insane.

Click on the image below to watch a video of how to climb 10 metres at speed.......

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