This is Me

I never did post this video! Partly to let it get out naturally, mainly as I wasn't writing much for lack of inspiration last year. 2014 is a new year however!

Made for a then-new site, it seemed like a bit of a laugh to get involved in a video. What an interesting experience, I got to put on best Blue Steel expression, have a laugh and re-visit so my old routes and memories. I also really liked that it was made by non-climbers - no history, no concept and judgement of the sport. 

The main thing: it came across that it's a lifestyle. There's essentially no discussion about grades and all that junk. Personally, I've never been inspired to develop new routes or problems  (yet, one two new developments or locations I've been to  might change that....) - we've some amazing climbs  and crags but also rubbish weather and also a lot of junk rock. I love traveling and climbing - I'm not sure which one goes first these days :)
Thoughts? Intrigued to see if anyone has any comments on this. 

*interesting, it's worth comparing against the other videos that were released as part of the series, and with the same level of promotion. The climbing one got about 1,000 as of now but the BMX one got  16,000. Kind of puts the level of people active in the sports in perspective!

Neal McQuaid