Why I don't miss ice climbing(!!!!)


O.k, it's a (very very very) rare occurrence (and as Will Gadd points out in the video and here on his blog, if you're smart and know what you're doing, you'll be smart about whatever situations you put yourself in), but it's not the real reason I miss ice climbing.

Main reasons I sold my tools?

  1. I've a really light build and crap circulation so all that standing around in between goes is freezing!
  2. The detachment from what you're holding onto. With more and more climbing, I came to love the attachment and feeling of rock against skin and rockshoes. I'm a very technical-dependent climber and with the space of metal tools (axes and crampons), I never really fell in love with ice climbing per se*.

What about you?

*Having said that, I do love the mountains (especially in snow). There's nothing like a big day out moving across big terrain. Paul Swail has been putting up some ace photos on his site recently.......

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