Event Notes: Immersive / Augmented Reality (Dublin Tech Talks)

Spot the Hololens at bottom

Spot the Hololens at bottom

Event number two of 2019 complete. It’s technically number three after a recent attendance at 3Dcamp, however as I was very late with work commitments, it’s not being counted….

In this case, it was another ‘Immersive and Augmented Reality’ event, hosted by Dublin Tech Talks on Meetup.com. Two very interesting talks, one from a consultancy heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem and therefore in the Microsoft HoloLens (which had a recent announcement of version 2), and the other from Director of Innovation at Mastercard.

I’ve put these up as a raw dump: if anything stands out, you’d like more details on, make sure to reach out to me, or to one of the speakers (all whom supplied their Twitter handles).

Talk #1: Bravent IT Consultancy

Speakers: @mariolobar, @liaradovic

Brintia: digital development company. Madrid, opening office here. Partner for Microsoft. 

Mixed Reality headsets currently on offer: Hololens, Meta (bankrupt?), Magic Leap. 

[Note: you can see details on the Meta here when I attended 3Dcamp last year]


Virtual car sales. Bring a virtual car home. 

Garage of the future: show a damaged car after its repairs. 

Real Madrid. Live stats for VIP.  Also live footage. 

Holoracing: racing around a physical room with virtual vehicles

LaLiga: watch multiple matches on multiple screens. Also live 360 degree feeds from stadiums. 

Toyota WRC racing. 

Hololearning: MR training courses. 

Hololens supports image recognition. Look at an object (e.g. company logo) and open something. 

All projects were primarily marketing purposes. 

Talk #2: The metaverse and the future of experiences

Keith Jordan - Director Of Innovation. 


Interesting note on the US Military. After heavy usage of Virtual reality by a soldier for training, not allowed drive for four days. 

Next trillion dollar company will be in next two years and a VR/AR company. 

Mine craft purchased purely to launch Hololens. 

AR - disruption tsunami. Themes: experience design, artificial intelligence, IoT, HealthTech. Moving from a heads down to heads up world. 

China is the big worry. 30-to-1 ratio China-to-USA grads. Privacy concerns…..

Zeiss smart glasses. Shut down as someone bought all the IP (Apple?). 

Marketplace is very hard to quantify. Expected marketplace of $150billion in 2020. 

AR is future. People like eyes. All the best applications so far have been communications. 

Microsoft is making big inroads in Enterprise. 

2020: early adopters. Initial smart glasses, 10m shipments. 
2022: early majority. Critical mass, 100m shipments. 

2025: mainstream. Smart glasses displace smartphones. Market owned by one company and 4 challengers. 

Nintendo $2.5 billion revenue from Pokemon Go. Harry Potter is next. 

Future apps like AR-directions. For mountain bikers, etc. Health insurance linkups. 

Global healthcare is $10 trillion. Doctor will have AR glasses and all your info in front of him. 

Jaguar car with AR mode when on a racetrack. Shows you the best line, your recent best drive, etc.

$60 billion to deploy 5G in Los Angeles alone. 

Consumer experience. Bring entertainment with you. 

Time, location, space will be irrelevant. Will be able to replay historical games in stadiums, etc. 

Land Rover: able to see through bonnet under car. 

Caterpillar: drive a vehicle through AR.

Boeing: a research study with a pdf, pdf on a tablet or AR training on a tablet. Last group was 30% faster and 90% more accurate than other groups. 

Apple has 2,500 employees rumoured on Augmented Reality.

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