Context - Changing user behaviour based on new opportunities

Context - Changing user behaviour based on new opportunities

 Our data shows us quite plainly and clearly that the behavior of those on our mobile devices and the small screens is really not all that different than the behavior of those on the desktop. And the things they are seeking to do and the tasks they are seeking to accomplish are really quite the same.


Interesting ideas on the concept of 'context' and interfaces. It turned out people are willing to write emails on phones, browse the internet from phones - once the experience was good enough.  



I now have a fundamental rule: we cannot predict future behavior from a current experience that sucks.

this brings up two ideas for me around 'sucky' experiences: those that are new and not engrained (see how quickly concepts and interfaces are changing in relation to certain apps: think options around how to find menus, etc.). And those that have been with us for a long time (the TV remote). Some experiences have become engrained from generations of use so it's easy to not consider them for disruption. Have a look around your environment and consider what just interfaces or experiences are ripe for improvement. Then go and improve it, you do know "software is eating the world", right?


Taking an example, is the new Amazon Echo or Apple Siri - both voice interfaces - a new primary interaction method? Have you even tried out the voice dictation/interaction feature on your current smartphone. And if not, why not? Hold down the Home button and give it a try.....

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