Facebook hits a billion daily

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to (what else?) Facebook on Thursday to announce a momentous record for the social network: 1 billion users in one day.

Is there anything of its like before where 1 billion-plus people are all using the same connected framework? I may not use Facebook extensively myself but it's hard to fault its wide-ranging usage and popularity numbers.

I do wonder however, I don't stay signed in to Facebook through the browser however my Macbook is connected to Facebook through Settings so that it syncs the calendar and contacts list. Do I count as one of the daily 1 billion number even if I don't 'use' the service as such. The quote below probably means the likes of myself does count even if it's not strictly true.

The 1 billion number includes anyone who logged into a Facebook service or sent a message on Messenger, so it's not like 1 out of 7 people in the world spent the whole day scrolling through their News Feed

From NBC

Neal McQuaid