Google's antitrust complications in Europe

Although she uses Google frequently, Vestager says it doesn’t cloud her view of the case. “Congratulations for being big, but don’t misuse it. For Europeans, this is very fundamental,” she says.
That might be the scariest thing of all for Google. It isn’t dealing with an antitech ideologue or a competition czar consumed with cementing a personal legacy. It faces a straightforward prosecutor in a hostile political climate dominated by powerful local business interests with their own regulatory agendas. Good luck to Google searching for a way out of that.

Fascinating article in Bloombergy on "Google's $6BN Miscalculation on the EU".


Interesting to think about how quickly things change. Microsoft who also suffered at an antitrust event from the EU over its bundling of Internet Explorer is now a long way off its complete ownership of the browser space. I highly doubt as serious consequences as that to Google but it does make you wonder where we may search in future years.

Maybe that's why Google is branching out into Alphabet.

Neal McQuaid