TV usage starts to show dents from the OTT onslaught

Young people are shunning live TV and watching their favourite shows online, Ofcom revealed yesterday.
The broadcasting regulator said just half of all viewing among 16- to 24-year-olds is now through traditional scheduled TV.

From The Guardian


Not so sure? how about:

The BBC, due to our rapidly swelling love for streaming video and other Internet TV services, will fire 1,000 staff.
According to the BBC, income from the TV licence fee for 2016/2017 is now forecast to be £150 million (€210 million) less than in 2011, "because as more people use iPlayer, mobiles and online catch-up, the number of households owning televisions is falling." The BBC doesn't directly mention Netflix, YouTube, and other online video services, but they are certainly part of the equation.

From ArsTechnica

The license in Ireland is changing to become a broadcast fee - it will be interesting to see how Irish broadcasters handle the upcoming changes. Interesting times.

Neal McQuaid