User Experience

Excellent words. I'm almost (finally....) after finishing SmartPhone and Beyond which is largely a review of the successes and failure of both Symbian and Nokia from creation in the late 90's to the early 2010's. Largely it's an engineering-based book, focused on the operations and technical aspects of where and what Symbian came from, and was working towards. What is largely shows is that Nokia never really managed to consolidate it's various skillets and resources to build the perfect device at the right time and by Apple, and then Android-based devices. What Apple got right was building a device that gave the 'impression' of being fast through slick animations and by giving easy, user-friendly, access to powerful apps like Safari. Anyone with experience of earlier web browsers should remember the challenges here....... 

I've spent much of my life in 'engineering' or 'operations' but I'm learning more and more to appreciate the 'experience'. 

Neal McQuaid