2015 Viewpoint

  • Enterprise cloud comes to everyone
  • Email isn’t dead, just wounded, but kill off attachments with prejudice
  • Productivity breaks from legacy work products and workflows
  • Tablets make a “surprise comeback”
  • Mobile device management aims to get it right
  • Hybrid cloud ROI isn’t there, and the complexity is huge
  • Cross-platform really (still) won’t work
  • Massive security breaches challenge the enterprise platform

From recode.net

I'd love to see some definite changes on the 2nd and 3rd at least - my return to big industry has been surprising in only one or two ways, one of which being the frustration of email and it's failure due to the sheer quantity of mails, challenges in distribution and restriction. My experiences with workplace software such as Slack as coloured my perspective and shown the future......

Would you agree with the list above?

The world according to devices

The world according to devices

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