The contradiction between Apps and Mobile Provider privacy

Personally Identifiable Information Privacy from  Wikipedia

Personally Identifiable Information Privacy from Wikipedia

"According to a survey of 1,300 apps conducted in early 2013, apps can vary widely in how many permissions they require with one app asking for 47 permissions, and others only one. In all, there were 126 different permissions apps asked for, according to 2013 data – but the list of possible permissions continues to grow."

From PewInternet


One of the interesting contradictions is the intense, and strict, regulation towards Mobile Operators in relation to data retention, and it's use. In complete opposite, it's still the very early days of the App ecosystem, a complete Wild West, where terms of agreement can be re-written, modified or just not even there to access and use* your data as they please. Due to the disparate, and no definitive country of origin for many apps, there is no real way to regulate such this industry. However, as more and more people start to move to an app-centre market for purchasing software, especially as tablet sales - where all software must be purchased through an app store, start to eclipse pc sales this will only continue to increase.

Do the Mobile Operators have any say in this? Or do they care?


*Use can be many terms, as simple as for their own analytics, to a completely different method of monetising their app by selling your usage habits.

Neal McQuaid