What speed are you getting?

"We also have a few Europeans who can tell us about something called "competition."

From Ars Technica. Great comparison and idea of speeds and pricing across Europe and the USA. My own above, in Dublin.


The important questions is: at what point does it just become irrelevant? I.e. where the speed is more than adequate enough to sustain all the connections and numerous users? We all remember the terrible days of dial-up - this is the extreme, waiting up to a few minutes(!) for a page to load. Now, most pages are semi-instantaneous (and many of the waits are potentially further out in the network) and I'd be willing to bet some of the delays are your own computer. I still see certain periods and certain use-cases (notably on the upload side) where I crave and notice slow uploads. On the download side, I'd struggle to ask for more. Until I start downloading 4K tv/movies that is.....

What do you think?

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More than half using Video on Demand services

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