New tools and processes

"There’s a temporary dip in productivity as new individual and organizational muscles are formed and old tools and processes are replaced across the whole team. Everyone individually — and the team has a whole — feels a bit disrupted during this time. Things rapidly return to a “new normal,” and with well-chosen tools and thoughtfully-designed processes, this is an improvement."



With access to new tools/processes (smartphones, quick collaboration), are companies will to allow the time to experiment with these new opportunities for a potential longer-term gain? Is Excel and Microsoft Word the correct solution? Is an online dashboard of information a better tool of email?

One such example is the introduction of new tools on devices such as the iPad, for example, Microsoft Office, or building on top of new communication platforms, such as Slack. Re-adjusting perceptions that it is impossible to do 'productive' work without a keyboard or mouse takes time, but having access to that tool at any time potentially improves everything.

Considering the author of the post, Steven Sinofsky, credentials, it's well worth a read. A great podcast I've linked to before here also.


A Real World Example

A personal example for everyone is the obvious question around touch typing. Are you able to do it? If you think of the amount of time spent working at a computer daily - for almost any job in 2015, and more and more going forward - it's not hard to imagine the amount of time saved and efficiency by learning how to type......

Humans are the new 'edge network'

Challenge assumptions