App Prototyping



 "What’s more remarkable is that Mike Matas is not a software engineer. He doesn’t know Objective-C, the programming language used to build iPhone apps, or any other programming language. And yet, in a matter of hours, he could build a prototype that explored photos in a way that surprised even the seasoned engineers who gathered in Chris Cox’s office that afternoon.

The trick lies with a new design tool called Origami — a tool that lets Matas rapidly prototype mobile apps without writing a single line of computer code. Together with other Facebookers, Matas created Origami by repurposing and reshaping a computer graphics program that originated at Apple. Many tools let you prototype app designs, but when you build prototypes with Origami, they work much like a real app works, and they run on real phones — though the phones must be plugged into a high-powered PC..."

from Wired


fantastic concept and idea - something all companies should be looking at now.  



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