mobile data sky rockets on LTE

Words of note for anyone in Ireland as LTE is rolled out:

"SK Telecom launched its first LTE network back in the second half of 2011, data usage on 4G phones has more than doubled, while data consumption on 3G devices has remained flat."
Of course, it would most likely make sense as with faster speeds, people can get to their content quicker meaning they should attempt to download more, but as is also pointed out in the report from GSMA Intelligence, "particularly, Dewar pointed out that many Korean wireless users have stopped hunting for Wi-Fi connections, choosing instead to keep their connections on the LTE network."

You've probably noticed it yourself if you use a smartphone, at times even on 3G it's easier to just utilize the mobile phone connection over accessing the local wifi (especially in facilities with large numbers of users or poor wifi signals). With LTE, it becomes even more of an incentive to do so.

Average connection speed per month - GSMA Intelligence

Average connection speed per month - GSMA Intelligence

Taking Europe directly, "in Q1 2013, Vodafone reported that average monthly data usage for its 4G smartphone users in Europe was 640 MB, approximately twice that for a 3G smartphone (350 MB) and roughly the same as a tablet operating on 3G. In Germany, Vodafone’s rival O2 said in Q3 that monthly average data consumption by smartphones using 4G services was three times that of non-4G smartphones."

Is Ireland prepared for such traffic?  As more and more users transition to newer devices, notably the iPhone 5S and LTE capable Android devices, are the backend services ready for such increases in traffic? 

Additionally, with plans to use LTE for rural broadband, is the backhaul ready? 




Will they switch for cheaper?

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