More promises with mobile networks in LTW Advanced

"The most important thing to know is that LTE-A promises to deliver true 4G speeds, unlike current LTE networks. You can expect the real-world speed of LTE-A to be two to three times faster than today’s LTE. It should also be robust, with fewer dropped connections as you move around."


Every time a new technology/upgrade comes along there is comments such as this in relation to promises do dropped calls, etc. While usually true in that there is improvements, I wonder whether these are misleading. Every upgrade is an evolutionary upgrade so of course it should improve quality of service and speed (although from 3G onwards it seemed for a time the only priority was the latter). Anything that improves quality of service should be applauded and as speeds reach a point where it's not necessarily noticeable in difference, this should be absolutely essential. With more and more countries using mobile networks for rural-area broadband - low latency and consistent speeds should be essential, not absolute max speed. 

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