Netflix 2nd largest source of traffic in UK/Ireland

In United Kingdom and Ireland, Netflix is now the second largest source of traffic during the peak evening hours, accounting for over 17.8 percent of downstream fixed access traffic.

From Sandvine 2014 report. Are all the networks, fixed and mobile, ready to handle the data amounts coming down soon.


And with expected download rates below, are fixed operators ready?

....says that Internet users in the United States who appear to be cord cutters "consume on average 212GB a month, more than seven times the usage of a typical subscriber.

Interesting aside: Apple's iMessage service accounts for 1.47% of all upstream data traffic in Europe. That's all types of data - impressive how much Apple traffic is online for just their messaging service. Interestingly, iTunes isn't rated much higher.....

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You are being tracked - but is it of any use?

You are being tracked - but is it of any use?