Why that cheap Android tablet may not be a good idea

What we found was shocking: most of the devices ship with vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations; a few even include security backdoors. What seemed like great bargains turned out to be big security concerns. Unfortunately, unsuspecting consumers who purchase and use these devices will be putting their mobile data & passwords at risk.
Image Credit:  Bluebox.com

Image Credit: Bluebox.com

You get what you pay for. From BlueBox.com purchasing of some Android tablet deals on Black Friday. Admittedly for the USA, but I doubt it's much different anywhere else.


I'll take the quality over quantity approach anytime (i.e. buy one tablet to last several years - and thus becoming a statistic of iPad owners who only seem to replace their tablets every 3-5 years much like PC's and not like a phone as was expected) and buy a great quality tablet. You?

Neal McQuaid