Why Education is key, and filtering does not work

“Overall, between 4 to 6 percent of all consumers have decreased their downloading as a result of the blocking, whereas for 94 to 96 percent of the population the blocking has had no effect on their behavior,” the researchers wrote.

In short, those who were downloading illegally before have likely either found legal alternatives, are downloading through other channels (cyberlockers and the like), or have figured out how to use a VPN or another tool to circumvent the ban."

From Ars Technica


As Ireland follows this approach, I wonder whether we will come to the same realisation as quickly as Holland has. Note I'm completely against stealing (you learn especially quickly when putting content and photographs online!) but I'm also well aware that the better method is making people aware of how it affects, and also providing easy-to-use opportunities to purchase content legitimately.  Apple TV (which interestingly now is front and centre on the Apple Store, and not just hidden on Accessories*) is one such example of how to get videos simply and at a reasonable price, Spotify has shown it can happen with music. Why aren't the other companies attempting to reduce piracy by offering a good solution instead of the ham-fisted approach of a blocking attempt which is easily circumvented?


*As spotted on 9to5Mac


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