Mobile Scale

 Some time in the next six months, the number of smartphones on earth will pass the number of PCs. ...

......It's now the season that people are supposed to write sets of predictions of what will happen next year. For me, the prediction that comes out of this is confusion, change and opportunity. I really don't know what will be the most important thing that will happen in 2014, but that's kind of the point - everything is on the table. 

From What does Mobile Scale Mean? by Ben Evans.


Excellent, couldn't have put it more succinctly myself.

As I debate whether I really need another laptop, or just can survive on a mobile device such as an iPad, this highlights the turmoil the Mobile Industry is in. More and more data consumed, huge investment required to support it, voice traffic reducing, all is a'changing!

Now we know what Google's self-driving cars are for

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