Google has published a really nice online book discussing all the various components that make up the modern Internet.

It covers all the pieces, from how you connect to the Internet, to how the fancy animations are displayed on screen, to how social networking operates. A really nice piece of work.

Also, if you look at this using a 'modern' web browser (i.e. not Internet Explorer - I laughed when I saw this comment at the top of the screen when I read it in school!), it should have nice flow effects between pages and it shouldn't feel like the page flashes to load the next page. This is using just the basic programming code of the Internet, HTML (although the latest version 5 which Internet Explorer does not support), and not using anything extra like Flash, etc.

What do you think? learn something new from it? Are you interested in learning more, or appreciate a bit more how the wonders of the Internet now operates?

Learning to Program

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