Will we not be driving out own cars in the next 20 years?!

Footage of the Google car seen on the road sometime in the past year.

Google is developing cars that can drive themselves (official Google blog post). And they've already been out driving on roads around California - over 140,000 miles in total with (as of now), only minimal input required from an engineer in the car to make sure it's all working o.k (and mainly because they haven't managed to engineer it yet so that it can avoid cyclists who skip red lights.....).

Think about it, does this mean that, just like now children can't imagine a time before the Internet and mobile phones, there will be confusion about the fact that we used to drive ourselves to work or to the beach or [insert location here]? Even Google admits that they are at least 8 years away from producing a functioning model for sale, but even still.......

Unfortunately, if you do a search online for more information now, much of what you come across will be moaning about Google's supposed intentions that it just gives us more time to spend searching on the Internet (which is obviously how they make their money), but I'm going to put this how I feel about it now.
They have developed cars. That. Can. Drive. Themselves. In Traffic. On motorways. On busy streets.

Wow, talk about a story to inspire kids to think of their own new solutions.........

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