Raw Ultra kit details: what was worn, what was carried and what was eaten


For anyone interested in some notes on what I carried for the first 80km ultra, here’s my notes. I don’t believe I’ve missed anything however I’ll update if do notice something.

Gear kit:



In each Aid Station

  • 1 spare pair of trail running socks

  • 1 spare pair of gloves

  • 1 spare hat

  • 1 bag of ‘heavy’ food with 2 rashers, 3-4 salad potatoes (cooked)

  • 1 can of Red Bull

  • 1 bag of jellies

  • Two Replacement SIS Go hydration tablets to go with a refill in the bladder

  • 2 Nature Valley bars for re-stock if needed.

  • 1 banana

  • 1 Chia Charge bar for re-stock if needed.

  • 1 spare running t-shirt

  • 1 spare long-sleeve base layer

    Note, at the final aid station I also left a replacement rain jacket (an old hiking jacket I had) and my other trail running shoes, North Face TR III.

What I ate

Taking the details above, here’s the overview of what was consumed on the day.

As we had to register between 4am and 5am, it meant for a tricky decision for me personally. It’s not a normal eating hour however it’s not a normal day either! So, a bowl of porridge and a coffee to kick off then. Note: I didn’t drink any coffee the week beforehand as I wanted to try and get the full effect of it on the day.

At registration, downed another coffee and on-route to the start line, at 7:30am, I had two small muesli bars just to top up.

During the event, I had in total:


  • 2.5 - 3 litres of water with the hydration mix above

  • 1 can of red bull

  • 1 cup of coke


  • 3 Nature Valley bars

  • 2 Chia Charge bars

  • 4 rashers

  • 5 potatoes (2 at first aid station, 3 at the second)

  • 2 bananas

  • 3 SIS Isontonic gels

  • 1 SIS Energy gels with caffiene

  • 2 handfuls of jellies

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