Preparation, by Ben Moon

Image Credit:  Ben Moon

Image Credit: Ben Moon

With the benefit of hard training and a good strategy the route had come together a lot quicker than I expected.

Great read on Ben Moon's blog after his 2nd 9a. It's old news now but in this world where news/articles/videos are so easy to come by, it's nice to go back and take some time to review/link to.


Ending with words to live by

Life is very precious, live healthy, train hard, climb harder.

In Ireland, I find it's an interesting contradiction where a huge amount of people are ridiculously strong, training very hard and not 'climbing harder' - mainly as there isn't the outlet for them to do so! Strange - I'd add to Ben's comment by 'move to a location where lots of access to the sport/activity you love'.

Neal McQuaid