Hours in the day for Training is more than you think

Oddly edited video (is it just me?) but great information throughout video of Ondra's training schedule (worth watching a couple of times).

The training method of 6-7 days per week campusing and bouldering is not suitable to most/all for multiple reasons although the idea of doing exercise daily is something we should all aspire to, primarily being Ondra's level is so far beyond most, so his workload capacity is beyond most and would most likely lead to injury.


Secondly, people just don't have that much time. Or do we? When you look at lifestyles going back 150 years where 70-hour work weeks were the norm, and then find out we spend all the free time now watching television, perhaps we all have more time than we'd think......

There are 168 hours in a week.
56 of those hours go to sleeping, which leaves 112 hours for everything else.
150 years ago, we spent about 70 of those 112 hours working.
This remarkable drop in working hours has freed up a lot of extra time.
So what do we humans do with all the extra hours our miraculous progress and productivity enhancements have allowed us to create for ourselves?
We spend them watching television.
— BusinessInsider.co.uk
Neal McQuaid