Enjoying exercise

I've done a bit of this recently - less climbing and more walking!

I've done a bit of this recently - less climbing and more walking!

I must say … I really enjoyed the training! The sacrifice, the pain. In the end you just get to climb A LOT during training, so isn’t that great? Compared to working on a project outdoors, you make a lot more climbing moves day to day during a training period.

When you feel like shit, you go training anyways. After 30 minutes, the pain turns into joy. It was interesting see the limits of my body, what it can sustain and how important the mind is throughout this whole process.

My motivation stayed really high throughout the year, and despite my success in Munich and Gijon, I am training hard again to be prepared for the next World Championship. There was never a moment of regret or a question mark for this decision.


From a great interview with Adam Ondra on EveningSends.com


I'm just starting back after an enforced rest break (which for many reasons was well worth it) after tweaking my wrist off having an adventure while sea-kayaking (my annual one-day trip with some friends).  A couple of days indoors this week have been brilliant - fun socialising with friends, lots of laughs and brilliant movement (more than you'd ever get on rock if just down in Wicklow). Good times, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming winter season (indoors and out). See you there?

Neal McQuaid