Red Bull magazine interview

Bit of fun...... nothing like sea to refresh the soul

Bit of fun...... nothing like sea to refresh the soul

[Update 27/8]: Felt what I wrote when I published this was incorrect, coming across very negatively. I must have been tired when I wrote it. I think I need my own editor - ha!

Ace! I did a little video project at the beginning of 2013 helping out a contact. It was good fun, although to be honest, it convinced me that I'm definitely happy staying out of limelight and not in media or taking sponsorship (i.e. I'll put up photos/stories as I choose, not as an obligation to someone else).

Off that however, a mail ended up in my inbox that seemed like following up on. Low and behold, there's a lovely interview up on Red Bull's website by Katie Roche. You'll find it here. I'm amused to see myself as the 'Awesome Walls' main man' (Following on the same ethos about sponsorship, I'm just one part of the whole project out there. And not the 'main man' - that was a role I never wanted to be either - I'm much better out of the limelight :)

Still though, it's great to see how well many of my main perspectives and values come across. The interviewer, Katie, did a great job with the questions and I'm humbled to have gotten the opportunity to put my thoughts up online. Personally, I see those photos and it just makes me want to go back to those places again!!! :)

Neal McQuaid