When a climbing comp doesn't go to plan

"To some people it may have looked like I didn't care. Those who know me, know I hide behind humor. Was I upset? Frustrated? Angry? Sad? Embarrassed? Of course, who wouldn't be? When you commit any part of your life and self to something and it doesn't work out, of course you'd be upset. Did I cry? You bet. Did I throw something? Yup. Did anyone see me do these things? No. That doesn't mean they didn't happen. On the public stage I kept it together (somewhat) smiling and chatting with the judges, but also throwing my hands up in frustration when I couldn't do something I know I'm physically capable of. Again--who wouldn't be frustrated?"

Honest words from Alex Johnson after a not-so-great result (in her eyes) at the recent World Cup in Vail, Colorado.


Relevent words to anyone projecting or trying something hard in any sport. I'm out to Ceuse in a few weeks time for an unplanned trip. I've four weeks to blitz a pile of interval sessions and turn up in shape (I've been loosely following a plan prior to this so it's not just straight off the couch :) and while I'm going out with the main goal of ticking off some of the big multi-pitches there, I've also got it in the back of my mind to try and tick something new and harder. It might not go to plan, trip projects are hard(!) due to the limited time frame and I might not succeed but it's the process that makes it all the worthwhile. It'll also be a laugh just playing on rock :)

And who knows, the success at the end means you get to write great write-ups like this one!

Neal McQuaid