This is why indoor climbing comps can be brilliant

Incredible finals on Saturday evening - Mens Problem two standing out. Worth a watch!


Congrats to Dom Burns for competing in his first senior competition also - seriously impressive to see him in amongst the older competitors. With a 16-year old Japanese girl making finals this weekend, it's great to see them doing so well.

"I grabbed the starting hold, put my left foot on starting foothold, kicked with my right foot into an area where I expected to hit the foothold. I felt the impact, I thought that must have been the foothold and went for another move straight away. But I was warned by the judges that the start was not valid, as I didn't touch the foothold according to them. 

Even though it seemed to me that I did touch it, as it could have seemed from the livestream as well, I talked with more witnesses who could see very well that I did NOT touch it. No injustice happened to me, I just made stupid mistake and that's it."

Great to see him take it so well and move on. Somehow suspect that will be the last time he ever lets it happen.

Neal McQuaid