"But I fought those feelings and went back to try again"

"This photo was 3 weeks in the making.

I had to leap for that red hold. The first time I tried, I must have fallen off the wall 20 times. So I went back again and tried every bit of advice I got, & fell off another 20 times.

And as I watched all the guys sail up like it was nothing, I could feel myself thinking: This Is Impossible. I’m Never Gonna Get This. I’m Crap At This. I Look Like An Idiot. 

But I fought those feelings and went back to try again. This time my instructor Ray said, “Next time you leap, don’t take your eye off the hold even for a second.” And boom! when my hand connected & held on, it was amazing!!

I was so happy, I hugged the next dude that randomly walked past, haha! (I apologised later). I’m so glad I did this because I learned that if I try & fail, I should just try again. And again, and again, and again, despite those crappy thoughts we all get.

If I open myself to advice, some will work, some won’t, & some will be pure magic. And if I keep my eye on the goal, I will get there eventually. Metaphor for life, no?"

Great words from Shumane who I watched repeat this boulder problem (easily!) last week. Whatever your level, words to live by.

Neal McQuaid