The February roadtrip video

Video editing is one of those amazing skills I don't naturally have - the sheer time required, the amount of video required (we ended up with several hours and still realized we didn't have enough), and then most importantly, the creative skill to put it all together. To do it always seems to be a challenge for me - lack of time being the most evident. Still though, 6 weeks late, here's the video from our Spanish road-trip - slowly improving my skill at video (although a long way to go!).

Suffice to say, a brilliant trip - I've written about it already (every word is a different link). A ton of laughs, a bunch of meeting new (and old) friends. Interestingly, they're all the things that aren't shown in the video - must make an effort to record more of that next time.

Good times. With the summer approaching, what's your trip?



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