The New Wave - breaking new ground

I love seeing things get taken down that were once deemed absolute top-end only a few years ago. Natural progression to see it occur and I see it as an opportunity to be inspired/refreshed.


- Seems three of the youth climbed a Font 8a (all sending it in in the space of an hour) in recent days.

- Another sent his first 8a in Spain. Many others I would suspect seemed to have climbed firsts at their own levels

- Problems like the video above getting a couple of ascents each, with a group of other people who are very close on one or two also. All were deemed top end only a few years ago.


Two choices: give up (no fun), or concentrate on improving your own level and hanging onto the new generation's coat-tails (hanging onto their coat-tails is a form of training, right ;). Savage!

Give it less than five (three?) years before there's a large group knocking down even higher levels?

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