Some yoga from Margalef

From our trip back in February. One of the fun afternoons spent up at the small monastery above Margalef. Trippy music pulled from the highly random iTunes collection.

Obvious who the Yoga Teacher is (schedule here) is and who has the stiff-as-a-board-but-getting-looser-and-looser-with-applied-practice back :)

As I develop more understanding of functional movement, I recognise more and more the importance the keeping good flexibility and range of movement throughout. Learning to embrace some exercise that I'm not completely enthusiastic about at times (i.e. stretching around my lower back) and realizing the additional benefits of a yoga session (evident of anyone leaving a yoga session) can only bring benefits. Fun times! :)


Want to see where flexibility is relevant? The French Nationals at the weekend (set to start at some crazy hip flexibility):

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