The history of climbing walls in Ireland

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Salt Lake City, one of my favourite places in the USA, just got it's new climbing gym - Momentum Millcreek opened it's doors in mid April. It looks like a great wall too. They put up a post recently with a historical timeline of the climbing walls in Salt Lake City and I thought it would be cool to get one going for Ireland (we've probably had as many climbing walls across the whole country as they've had in one city?!) I've started it above but it's obviously got gaping holes.

Could anyone fill me in and I'll add the rest of them?

Obvious ones:

  • PlayatHeight, Dingle (2005?)
  • UCD climbing wall (early 90's?)
  • DCU climbing wall (early 90's?) - as an aside, is it a bad sign when the climbing wall doesn't even get a mention on the website any more?
  • Gortatole, Fermanagh (early 2000's?)
  • Southside Co-op
  • Northside Co-op
  • Ron's awesome in-the-kitchen wall
  • Kev Cooper's garage
  • Trinity (mid 2000's?)
  • Westwood (Sandymount, Clontarf, etc) - 2000?
  • That old brick-stuck-into-the-concrete one that was in Clondalkin (the earliest one I know of).  (early 90's?)
  • Kingfisher, Galway
  • Midleton, Cork
  • Mardyke, Cork
  • Any others I haven't mentioned


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