ABS Nationals - next generation strength

A break from my own writings for today - great highlight videos from the ABS Nationals (o.k. - the male one is great, but in my own opinion the this years female one is poorly edited - falling into old stereotypes of close-in slow-motions of the female climbers without showing the actual problems very well - ). Awesome looking problems, astounding levels of strength - especially from the male kids. Of course, the commentary and title above is 'next generation strength' but it's also evident just how technically good the climbers are getting - positioning and centre of gravity awareness is evident throughout. Watch and learn!


Louder Than Eleven, the production company, are doing a great job at present releasing great content - see this video below. There seems to be a huge amount of momentum at present - just look at EpicTV also. 

This guy Kris Peters, part of the Team of Two, seems to be getting a name for himself (thanks to Dave for the link) - he was involved in another video I posted ages ago.

What's your aim for 2014?

Trip Report - info on bringing a campervan from Ireland for a climbing trip